Updating the basement windows

Updating the basement windows

When your new homes basement is mostly finished it can leave you wondering what to tackle first.

The basement in our new home is “finished” meaning we could easily hang out down there if we wanted to but just don’t for a couple of reasons. It looked old and neglected and I wanted to change that. I repainted all the walls, doors, and the cement floor. The windows were a whole other level of hot mess. Eventually they will be replaced but what we need now is a quick fix. So I did a little research and figured out what I needed.

I needed a caulk gun and concrete sealer. Everything I used I was able to get at my local Lowe’s. I also learned that I needed a masonry waterproofer.

I started by vacuuming any old paint flakes or tiny pieces of the cement that have broken off around the windows. Then, I dusted and used a slightly damp cloth to wipe over any areas I knew I would be treating. Make sure everything is dry before moving forward.

Finding the cracks and fixing the problem.

Now that the area is prepped I went in using the caulk gun and concrete filler. Any hairline cracks or spots that concrete chipped away I filled in and smoothed over. (The red arrows below show all the spots to look for, for what needs to be filled.) This also helps protect from any leaks or drafts. I just used my gloved finger to smooth the beads or lines down. I’m sure there’s a tool for that but I’m a newbie and decided to get creative.

The sealer dries light gray and is ready to be painted over in about 2 hours. Now’s the time to break out that waterproof sealer. Just a heads up, it is not like regular paint, it is much thicker and has a grainy texture to it. Using a hand held brush is your best option. I tried using a paint roller when I treated the walls and it was an epic fail.

The waterproofer does a pretty good job at covering the gray from the sealer. Now because the paint is so thick I let this dry overnight. I finished it off the next day with a couple coats of plain white paint to make it look as clean and fresh as possible.

It’s by no means perfect but it was fun to learn how to do, plus it was inexpensive and my basement got a mini face lift!

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