Updating a Filing Cabinet

Updating a Filing Cabinet

Sometimes a little TLC is all you need.

I found this old filing cabinet at my local thrift store and just saw so much potential with it. It had good bones it just needed a little TLC.

I started by removing the handles and other metal hard wear.  The key hole lock was the only thing that seemed to be cemented to the darn thing so I left it alone.


Then, I gave the whole piece a light sanding using a 120 grit sandpaper. Most of the old varnish had already warn off so nothing agressive was needed.



With the hardwear placed on a tarp off to the side, I gave it two light coats of matt black spray paint and left it to the side to dry for an hour.



The whole cabinet was painted in white

primer and let dry for an hour.



After the paint dried I followed up with two light coats of white

paint in the shade Dove White by Valspar.


The final step was to reattach all the hard wear

after the paint finished drying.




The final result is a modernized piece of furniture that will make a great addition to our office in our home!


























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