The closet that wasn’t a closet

The closet that wasn’t a closet

Everyone has at least one space in their home that they don’t know what to do with, for me it was a closet.

It can be the weird space under the stairs or the strange corner of a kitchen that no normal furniture fits in. For me, the strange space is a small, only semi-functional closet. The doors are not tall enough, the space too small, and the ease of access is a big fat no. It needs a change.

So I grabbed my tool box and got to work. Pictured below is what the closet looked like when I started.

The first thing I did was remove the doors, check for any loose nails and prep the area for painting. The prepping consisted of vacuuming up any dust or debris along with wiping everything down with a damp rag. I needed to make sure any dust the vacuum missed was cleaned up.

The entire area got two coats of white paint. I made sure to let each coat dry completely before adding another layer. I know the electrical is a little wonky in the picture. This “closet” was definitely an add on to the house by whoever owned it before us. Another project for another day.

The last step is always my favorite, decorations! Everything I have displayed are things that I found while  thrifting from two different Goodwills that are located really close to me.

My favorite thing that I found thrifting was the small side table shown below. It converts into an old vintage sewing machine that is attached underneath that folds up and down. I haven’t tried it yet to know if it works, but I plan to do that soon and include pictures in a future blog post, so stay tuned!

















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