Refinishing the basement stairs

Refinishing the basement stairs

As I started fixing up different areas of the basement the final project to tackle was the basement stairs.

The old paint is worn off of the stairs and they just always look dirty, even after I clean them. It actually ended up being a really easy project and only took about 2 hours from start to finish. I have leftover white paint from the walls and paint from the floor that would make the whole basement all come together.


I started with the white paint first, painting the inside area of the stairs. This way from any angle the color would be uniform, even if that area isn’t seen that much. I made sure to use a smaller angle brush so getting into corners and edges would be crisp.


The unfinished wooden post got two coats of paint. After only one it still looked a little patchy in some areas. I ended up also painting the metal post. Only one coat was needed because it was white to begin with, just very old and dull.

Once all the white areas were painted I moved onto the actual steps of the stairs.

Still with the brush I went in with the gray paint ONLY around the side edges and the flat front of each step. I did this for all the stairs leaving myself the center of each step unpainted so I could still walk on them.

Now it was time to break out the paint tray and roller! This last part was pretty awkward to do. I would crouch on the second step and roll paint onto the top surface of the step below me. I did this all the way until the last step, this way I could close the basement door and let the paint dry and not be stuck down their waiting.

I’m always looking for new and inexpensive ways to turn a once dingy and ugly basement into a place I actually like being in.

If you have any DIY tips for fixing up a basement let me know! Leave your comments below!

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