Refinishing the basement sink

Refinishing the basement sink

One of the first things you see when walking down into our basement is the giant and ever ugly cement basin sink.

The way our pipes drain through the basement sink means getting it replaced or gone altogether just couldn’t work. I sat on the floor looking at the sink wondering, there has to be something I can do to make this look better! Then, I got an idea.

I started by giving the sinks legs two coats of matt black spray paint. Then I laid out newspaper and blocked any areas that could be in the way of the spray.

I followed that by adding two coats of the cement sealant I had previously used on the walls, on the main cement basin of the sink. I already had it so I might as well use it!

Once the sealant was dry I did one final coat of white paint, also left over from the basement walls. It was looking loads better but still needed something.

This last part is a little unconventional but as a temporary fix, it works great.

We had leftover flooring from the upstairs, imitation wood that came in large slats that basically slide or “snap” together. I put three of them together to make a larger rectangle and used a staple gun on the bottom to make sure they wouldn’t “unsnap” and to make it a little more durable. Now I have a makeshift table top over my sink for detergent or dryer sheets.

There was something so fun about not having to spend any more money to get another project accomplished. The more I look around my house the more things I see can have a duel or new purpose! If anyone else has found other things around the house that they made into something else share in the comments!

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