How I found my side hustle

How I found my side hustle

Why finding your side hustle can make a huge difference in your life.

My side hustle was found in my love of art and being able to express myself creatively. Now from what i’ve learned you can’t always go looking for a side hustle, sometimes it needs to find you. I know reading that might sound kind of strange or goofy but hear me out.

Most jobs I’ve had it’s because I needed the job, needed the money, needed to pay the bills. I took what I was qualified for, not necessarily what I thought I would love the most or have the most fun doing. It’s the responsible thing to do but let’s be real, not the most fun way to live life.

If a person starts working full time at the age of 18 and works until retirement (about age 65) you spend a total of about 50 years of your life working for the man.

50 years! Thats alot of time spent doing something you may not love or even like doing.

Work flow can get redundant and all the days and weeks begin to merge into one big blob of sleep, eat and work. I DID NOT want to fall into that pattern. So I started by scheduling out blocks of time to do what I love, which is basically anything creative/artistic. It gave me something to look forward to everyday. To have my own projects and goals that I got to set for myself.

Soon my inventory of handmade goods grew to point of me running out of room to put them. I didn’t want to throw anything away so I sat down with my husband to brainstorm what I could do.  Selling to a consignment shop! Once I did a little digging and found a local one near my house I brought over a few pieces in hopes that they would sell them for me.

BAMM! Just like that I was getting paid for stuff that had started out as a mear hobby.

I sold to the shop for a few months and saw that people liked what I made and stuff sold fast. It gave me the confidence to take it a step further. Sell on my own. I could control the prices of items and be able to bring in more money.

The point of all this is that finding joy in what you do is so important in life. The added bonus is that if what you love doing on the side can help pay bills, be fun money for a vacation, or a fancy dinner with someone you love, it can give you opportunities you didn’t think you had before.

So go explore what you love doing, find your niche, find what brings you happiness, find your side hustle.

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