About the Author at Millennial Life Blog

About the Author at Millennial Life Blog

Millennial Life Blog | About the Author

I created Millennial Life Blog to talk about…you guessed it, being a millennial! I plan to cover some of the stigmas that come with that in this day and age, along with being a place to share my thoughts on being a newlywed, long distance relationships, family, moving out of state, learning my way around the kitchen, learning about real “adulting”and life in general, just to name a few. That’s just scratching the surface on all the things I can’t wait to share with you. I encourage comments and conversations! I not only want this to be a place for me to share, but a place were discussions can happen and an online community is formed.

A little about myself!

This section is just a little way for you guys to get to know me a little better. The reason for making this blog is mainly because I love to write. Over the years I have learned how to repurpose things and want to share my knowledge with you. I thought this would be a fun way to share what I love to do with all of you. A little bit about myself, I married my best friend Jon on November 19, 2016. We moved to Michigan the winter of 2017 and bought our first home. It’s  a pretty old home. but a perfect starter house for us. Outside of writing on the daily I’m obsessed with my dog Splash, she is going to be 14 years old this June! I have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter, i’ve read all the books and watched the movies about 9 or 10 times now. Drinking coffee and reading dystopian themed books is one of my favorite pastimes. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I did creating it!

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